If a boat is within 6 seconds of a Class Break or if their Performance Factor is within 10% (0.4) of the current cutoff that places boats into Class 2 (sport boats), the owner may request to change to the next lower or higher class. This can be done only once in a calendar year or once for the upcoming or current Yearly Class Championship Series. The Board will agree or not.

The method of calculating Sail Area was changed starting in 2017 which affected the Performance Factor calculation. PF for PHRF San Diego is now different from PHRF SoCal.
PF Formula = ((0.67*LWL)+(0.34*LOA))*(SA/DISP)
OLD Formula: SA = (((J*I)/2)*1.55)+((P*E)/2)
NEW Formula: SA = ((I*(LP*0.01))*0.52)+((ISP*SPL)*0.66)+(P*E)/2
LP = 155% J or 105% J for boats only able to fly non overlapping headsail.
Class Descrption
Class 1Random Leg Rating (RLC) of -999 to 0
Class 2Random Leg Rating of (RLC) +1 through +75, where PF is greater than or equal to 4.0
Class 3Random Leg Rating (RLC) of +1 through +75 with PF less than 4.0.
Random Leg Rating (RLC) of +76 through +89.
Random Leg Rating (RLC) of +90 through +137 with LOA 42 feet or greater with PF less than 4.0.
Class 4Random Leg Rating of (RLC) +90 through +137 plus LOA < 42 feet
Class 5Random Leg Rating (RLC) of +138 to +999
Class 6Non-Spin - All Ratings
Class 8Multihull racers
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