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Date Paid Meeting Review Yacht Name Sail Number
03/12/2004/14/20Callisto III27089
09/10/2010/20/20J Rabbit Slim218
12/28/2001/12/21Holy McGrail29015 (PIYA issued the sail number, confirmed with
03/08/2104/13/21Cheeky TikiUSA 61415
04/30/2105/11/21Flying Colors77250
05/10/2106/08/21Una Mas7143
05/11/2106/08/21Miss Betty (fka Antara)93400

Applications that have been completed in full will be reviewed at the next meeting not earlier than 7 days after the date submitted.


Manufacturer Type Yacht Name Buoy Rating RLC Rating OW Rating Expiring
Dehler db2 Positron 114 114 114 2021-06-08
M-Boats Soto 40 OD cert Zero Gravity 3 -3 -9 2021-06-09
Santa Cruz 52 Warpath -16 -17 -17 2021-07-11
Santa Cruz 52 Warpath -16 -17 -17 2021-07-11
Riptide Marine 35 1std Too Loco 30 18 0 2021-08-12
M-Boats Soto 40 Zero Gravity -3 -9 -12 2021-08-12
Beneteau First 40 Saga 36 36 36 2021-08-12
X-Yachts IMX 38 MFG Thunderstruck 57 54 51 2021-08-12
Beneteau 44.7 M-3 Aeolos 24 18 12 2021-08-12
Asia Catamarans Stealth 11.8 Hurricane -12 -15 -15 2021-08-12
Custom Dubois 50 Perryaye -7 -10 -13 2021-08-12
Westerly IC37 Pacific Yankee 12 6 0 2021-08-12
Sabre 402 Tambourine 82 82 82 2021-08-12
Hanse 588 Knottywinch 66 66 66 2021-08-12

A Temporary Rating may be provided by Chief handicapper in the event a handicap is requested to race in an upcoming race which will take place before a meeting, and the board is unable to vote on the rating (Prior to race). The request should be email approved or voted on at next board meeting to make permanent. In the event at a board meeting where an owner has submitted an application, fees are paid, but the Board believes it does not have sufficient data or information to accurately rate a boat, a Temporary rating may be provided with the understanding the owner should submit race results during the three months to show data, to verify the Temporary Rating. Temporary rating may be adjusted after review of results. In the event the data is not provided the temporary rating will be considered expired at the end of 120 days. A new complete application (Minus Fees) will need to be presented to board to have the boat considered again for a PHRF certificate. The Chief Handicapper may, at his or her discretion, renew the Temporary Rating twice.



Date Race Classes OA Series
2021-05-29 MB to Oceanside/Oceanside to SD/race both All MBYC Offshore
2021-05-30 MB to Oceanside/Oceanside to SD/race both All SWYC Offshore
2021-06-05 Crown Cup All CYC Inshore


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Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at Southwestern Yacht Club (2702 Qualtrough St, San Diego, CA 92106).

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 8th 6:00 PM at online - contact
2021-05-11 6:00 PM Agenda
2021-04-13 6:00 PM Agenda
2021-04-13 6:00 PM Minutes
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